Hi-Tech Roofing, LLC - Rubber, EPDM

What Does EPDM Stands for?

Ethyline Propolyne Diene Terpolymer (EPDM). A single-ply roof membrane that can withstand and resist almost any type of nature-born stress and also has excellent weathering resistance. Also known as a rubber roof system. EPDM is lightweight & it works for people that wants to save money on recovery roof, we can use this System over the Existing roof & still have warranty on it.

3 typical ways that provide lightweight and cost-effective solutions:

(A) Fully adhered system:
It is a lightweight system with outstanding design.
The Rolls of EPDM Membrane they're typically 10' ft wide x 100' long & they are fully adhered directly to the insulation board, using Bonding Adhesive

(B) Mechanically attached:
The EPDM Membrane shall be mechanically fastened utilizing a 1" batten bar or 2" round seam plates & approved fasteners.

(C) Ballasted:
EPDM sheets are loose laid over an acceptable substrate. Typically Using large sheets and around 10 to 12 pounds of rock ballast per square foot to hold the membrane in place. It is an economical EPDM Roofing System. This application does not require a structural engineer's approval.


Application on any slope

Suitable for unusual roof configurations

Lightweight system

High wind uplift performance


Fewer seams

Perfectly suited for roofs with PV installations